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Prime Impressions' Image Consulting Philosophy

We are here to help people and organizations be successful. Our goal is to assist clients in reaching their full potential by listening carefully, being supportive, and focusing on image strategies designed for the context in which they live and work. We celebrate individuality and work with people of all economic backgrounds, cultures, and degrees of ability. Client confidentiality is always respected and protected.

What is an Image Consultant?

An image consultant is your partner in success who will help identify the message you want to convey to others. Communication strategies involving appearance, words, actions and personal or corporate branding that reflect this message are developed, so that you always make a PRIME Impression.

Benefits and Results for Individual Clients

Through implementing PRIME Impressions' image strategies, clients acquire:

  • The ability to make good first impressions
  • A polished, professional image
  • A clear understanding of professional attire and three levels of business casual clothing
  • Knowledge of colours and styles that suit them
  • A wardrobe plan to guide them when dressing for various occasions
  • Employment interview readiness
  • The image necessary to enter the workforce, or transition smoothly within an organization
  • Greater awareness of their non-verbal communication and body language
  • A thorough understanding of social etiquette and business protocol to help them function appropriately in any environment
  • Tips on how to work a room
  • A small talk sequence that fosters conversation
  • More polished presentation skills
  • Increased confidence and self esteem

Benefits and Results for Organizations

Participants who have attended PRIME Impressions' customized seminars not only experience the results above, but also:

  • Acquire a greater understanding of how individuals impact the image and success of an organization as a whole
  • Have a good understanding of the level of dress that is appropriate for their organization
  • Learn how to quickly create client rapport through excellent verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Gain networking strategies that increase referrals
  • Are able to articulate the value that they bring to their organizations
  • Are better prepared to interact with each other and clients in a positive, supportive, manner
  • Know how to make a PRIME Impression!

How Do Organizations Work with an Image Consultant?

Image concerns are challenging for management to address directly, and so they bring in a neutral, outside image expert to help with issues that impact customer and staff relations such as dress, grooming, etiquette, verbal and non-verbal communication, and deportment.

PRIME Impressions first consults with management to fully identify the organization's needs. A written proposal outlining the points discussed, along with an action plan to addresses their concerns is drafted. This allows management to approve the message that will be conveyed to the staff. So as not to embarrass a particular individual and to disseminate the information to as many people as possible, most organizations choose an inclusive, interactive seminar format.

Most presentations usually begin with a segment on first impressions and promoting a professional image that is designed to encourage participants to take responsibility for the part they play in the success of the organization. These introductory concepts become springboards to information on how appearance and attitude can give them a competitive edge, and various other aspects of customer relations. Firms have sharpened the soft skills of their sales repesentatives with networking, dining etiquette, how to work a room with ease, small talk, business protocol, and presentation skills to further align the image and actions of their team with their corporate branding.

How Do Individuals Work with an Image Consultant?

Image makeover shows misguidedly depict clients being pounced upon by well-meaning advisors without any consideration of their likes and dislikes. A certified image professional begins with an initial image assessment that carefully identifies the client's needs. An individual plan of action is then created in consultation with the client.

Men and women who want direction on selecting the best colours and styles of clothing usually start with the two basic building blocks of wardrobe development - personal colour and style analyses. Some are content to work with this information and go shopping on their own. Others who value the help of a trained eye, book a personal shopping appointment or ask for a wardrobe plan to be developed to guide their purchases. Before such a plan can be made, it is helpful to audit the contents of a client's closet. Flattering garments are examined for condition, fit and proportion, unsuitable pieces are recycled, and a list of items that need to be added is created. Further strategies on building versatile wardrobe capsules, The Ladder of Formality, three levels of business casual attire, and image spoilers will increase a client's image intelligence, both professionally and socially.

In addition to appearance strategies, clients have also focused on improving their image and confidence through instruction in: dining etiquette, business and social protocol, presentation skills, how to work a room, business networking, small talk, resume preparation, and interview coaching.

Do You Also Train Image Consultants?

Yes. Before working as an image professional, Catherine Graham Bell spent years in the fashion industry and in education, and enjoys sharing this wealth of knowledge with new and seasoned image consultants. Training is totally customized and can be delivered either at a retreat setting on a picturesque lake north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada or in another convenient location. If you are starting an image consultancy or want to move your existing business forward, Catherine can also provide continued support, by setting goals and helping you to achieve them through ongoing telecoaching. Contact us for details concerning personalized, professional development training for image consultants.


"I would recommend the services of PRIME Impressions and that of Catherine Bell to any business or individual looking for image management improvement."

Regional Manager

“My son is a fine young man and, regardless of whether business is his ultimate calling, your work will help build his confidence and readiness. A parent can ask for nothing more than that.”


"This experience has allowed me to see your ability to work with a wide variety of clients with special needs. Your services offer the primary tools for success in the competitive world we live in today."

Employment Facilitator

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