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Make your First impression a PRIME impression

Your image gives others an immediate impression of you which is so memorable that it lasts forever.

It affects both individuals and organizations and has to do with all that is revealed, consciously and subconsciously, through one’s appearance, behaviour and communication.

Perception and reality are not often in sync with each other, and alone, it is difficult to know how you come across to others.  As a Certified Image Professional, I can help you to see what others perceive and then give you the tools and skills to ensure that your image confidently communicates your best traits, authentic personality, and true values in line with your personal and/or company brand. This way, you’ll always make a PRIME Impression!

Our mission is to ensure that our clients are successful in reaching their full image potential.  This is done through carefully listening, tactfully sharing observations, and designing image strategies customized for the context in which they live and work. At PRIME Impressions, we celebrate individuality and have worked with all industry sectors, economic backgrounds, ages, cultures, genders, and levels of ability. Client confidentiality is always respected and protected.

Without image management, you seldom have the opportunity to show your real potential in today’s competitive marketplace.
Empower Your Presence, Catherine Bell


I recently had the honour of being named Canadian Technician of the Year! The fact that my staff and I took Professional Image training with PRIME Impressions really stood out on the nomination forms. Thank you for help in achieving this award.

Automotive Mechanic

Catherine’s approach worked marvels. In a couple of days, she helped a previously recalcitrant manager re-focus, and realize that an integral part of the task of being a manager is acting as a role model to others within the organization – and assuring the organization’s clients that she respected them enough to dress decently (neatly, fully covered, etc.) when she met with them.

HR Manager

There has been an obvious improvement in the office. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to explore the impact of image and make some changes. It was definitely beneficial, and we are pleased with the results.

Executive MBA Manager

Catherine is a creative and adaptive conduit who is capable of making high standards of customer care and daily professionalism an attainable reality for her audience. The audience sensed that they were being guided to their own meaningful conclusions, rather than being lectured to or indoctrinated.

Moving Company President

Thank you for a thoughtful and well-presented course on how to work a room – your warmth, intelligence and sensitivity was obvious. It was a pleasure learning how the many different ways we all experience the same anxieties: meeting new people and selling ourselves and our businesses to them.


Working with Catherine has been one of the best decisions I ever made in terms of my image and wardrobe. She is kind, positive, upbeat, and full of experience and ideas. I trust her implicitly. Since getting my colour analysis and style analysis through her, I have saved so much time and more importantly money over the years. I recommend Catherine’s services to anybody who wishes to look and feel their best both at work and play.

Ophthalmologist Resident

About Catherine

Catherine Graham Bell, President of PRIME Impressions, best-selling author, dynamic international speaker, educator, and award-winning image consultant understands the complexities of today’s competitive marketplace.  Catherine is one of only 11 Certified Image Professionals in Canada and is a recipient of the Association of Image Consultants International’s (AICI) prestigious awards for Excellence in Education and Distinguished Service.

A media expert on workplace communication, etiquette, and professional image management, Catherine has been a resource for numerous publications including The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, and Canadian Business, and has been a guest on CBC Newsworld, CBC Radio, Canada AM and TV Ontario. Catherine has authored two books, the latest being Empower Your Presence: How to Build True Wealth with Your Personal Brand and Image and was a contributing author to Masters of Networking, a BNI publication.

Over the past 24 years as an image consultant, Catherine has been a success catalyst for both businesses and individuals as they utilize her expertise across the ABCs of image – Appearance, Behaviour and Communication.

But that is not how she started her career.  After graduating from Ryerson University in Fashion Design, she was a knitwear designer, merchandise manager, and design professor, giving her expertise that most members of AICI and other personal stylists do not possess.  Not only does she know that certain colours, textures and proportions will suit specific men and women, she can articulate why, empowering her clients to make wise clothing investments.  Her expertise in fit, textiles, clothing construction and tailoring add further value.

Her reputation as a dynamic and informative speaker keeps her in demand with corporations, not-for-profits and professional organizations. Her warm engaging style, integrity, and sense of humour immediately connect her with people at all levels.

A polio survivor, Catherine is an advocate for people living with disabilities, and was a Delegate to the Roundtable on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  Currently she serves on March of Dimes Canada’s Board and Executive Committee.

Catherine Bell
Catherine Graham Bell, AICI CIP
AICI CIP Certification logo

Professional Affiliations:

Corporate Programs

Custom SeminarsEmpower Your Presence: Customized Seminars

  • Are you searching for a dynamic speaker to deliver a fun, interactive session at your next conference or event?
  • Would you like to improve the soft skills of your employees as part of their ongoing professional development?
  • Would you like to ensure that your team always exhibits the highest level of professionalism through their appearance, behaviour and communication when interacting with stakeholders, staff and clients?

PRIME Impressions’ seminars are fully customized after a thorough consultation with you and/or your team and a proposal is developed, resulting in a program that will meet your timeline and the participants’ needs.  In these tabs, there are more popular topics, delivered by, Catherine Graham Bell over the past 24 years.

Your Personal Brand and Image

Whether starting out in your career, moving up the corporate ladder, or expanding your business, you will want to move forward with confidence and ease. This workshop is about defining your unique promise of value, your personal brand, and then aligning the ABCs of your image – appearance, behaviour and communication – to express your distinctive qualities, enhance relationships, and create opportunities that will propel you and your career forward.

Empowering Your Professional Presence with the ABCs of Image

Potential clients decide in less than two minutes whether to trust you or your employees, which is pivotal in establishing relationships that ultimately lead to business partnerships. This module addresses the impact of first impressions in establishing immediate rapport with potential clients, and the importance of ensuring that everyone’s appearance, behaviour and communication is in sync with your business.

Communicating with Civility and Assertiveness

Communicating with civility involves awareness of other people’s feelings, listening, and seeking common ground when differences occur, while at the same time recognizing that differences are enriching. Through positive, respectful communication and assertiveness techniques, you’ll have the power to express your opinions without alienating others, and improve morale, productivity and teamwork.

Ensuring Exceptional Customer Relationships

It costs five times more to gain a new client than it does to keep a current one. From your “director of first impressions” at your reception desk, to the maintenance staff who may by chance meet a client, everyone is involved in customer relations. This interactive module will help your employees discover how crucial they are to the ultimate success of your company, organization, and/or department.

Facilitating Productive Meetings

Whether you are the lead or a participant, learning how to take on various roles, express your opinions, and handle challenges in supportive, professional ways ensures that the allotted time is used productively, maximizing results.

Multi-Generational Communications

There are four or five generations in today’s workforce, each with distinct motivations, work styles and goals. When you understand their unique characteristics, you can communicate with all cohorts in order to have positive interactions and build strong relationships with colleagues, supervisors, and clients.


Working a Room Like a Pro!

Typically, people dread going into a room of strangers and striking up a conversation.  This interactive workshop covers 10 strategies that everyone can learn so that they will be relaxed and confident at their next professional or social event.

Using the Success Formula for Networking

Networking has become a buzzword for entrepreneurs, but the same techniques can be applied in the workplace.  Learn to use networking to build rapport with both internal and external co-workers, stakeholders and clients to create vibrant, productive environments.

Dining Etiquette

Wine, Dine and Act Fine!

Most restaurant meals are business related.  If you regularly dine with clients, or attend networking events, board meetings or fundraisers, and don’t have a firm grasp of dining etiquette, the white tablecloth and its accompanying tableware can be bewildering.  This dining tutorial led by a dining expert over a meal, will provide you with the strategies to turn the table in your favour.

Mastering Business Etiquette

Awkward introductions, weak handshakes, and lack of manners can negatively affect your career and business.  Knowledge of business protocol taught by an etiquette expert will ease you into any professional or social setting with confidence and civility. When all else is equal, good manners will highlight the true professional and build meaningful relationships.

Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations – Levels I & II

A vast number of people fear speaking publicly more than death. There are many occasions where you could be speaking to a group:  client presentations, team meetings, educational sessions, business networking, or community events.  Practice makes perfect, and even as a novice, you can learn many techniques that you can immediately apply to make you feel more confident with an audience.  These interactive workshops will give you several opportunities to deliver short presentations and receive non-threatening feedback.  You will be amazed at your progress, even after one day!

  • Accounting
  • Associations
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Beauty
  • Broadcasting
  • Career Transition
  • Collections
  • Communications
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Dental
  • Elder Care
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Film Distribution
  • Financial Services
  • Funeral Services
  • Government
  • Hairstyling
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels
  • Insurance
  • Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Meeting Planners
  • Mental Health
  • Military
  • Moving
  • Not for Profit
  • Personal Services
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Physiotherapy
  • Publishing
  • Retail
  • Small Business
  • Television & Radio
  • Veterinary

Individual Consulting

Catherine Bell | Prime Impressions

How can image consulting benefit you?

Research shows that clients increase their confidence and self-esteem as a result of working with image consultants. It sounds simple, but it has such a profound impact.

Not everyone can see themselves clearly. An image consultant is a mentor, a guide, and a partner, who will help you identify your authentic self, and then establish a public persona that will support you in reaching your full potential, working from the inside out. Professional image consultants recognize and appreciate your individuality and will make suggestions only after carefully listening to you.

Whether you want personal colour and style analyses to give you direction when shopping, polished presentation skills so that you are heard at meetings, a dining etiquette tutorial to ensure confident job interviews, or a full image management package, Catherine will help empower you with knowledge, strategies and confidence to achieve your image communication goals.

Initial Image Assessment

This forms the basis of all personalized image work.  We discuss what you want to achieve, identify any current challenges in your personal and/or work environments, and set goals to align your appearance, behaviour and/or communication with what you want to convey to others.

Psychology of Style

This analysis will uncover the things that resonate with you and that influence the selection of your clothing and accessories so that you will always express your authentic self when dressing.

“Be Spectacular” Eyewear Analysis

A “Be Spectacular” analysis will give you confidence when selecting eyewear. You will receive tips to compliment your wardrobe style, facial features, personality, and business/personal image.  A shopping trip with Catherine to select frames can also be arranged.

Personal Colour Analysis

Through draping hundreds of colours, you will discover your “wow” colours that make you appear vibrant and healthy.  This will assist you in coordinating your wardrobe and make shopping for new items more fun and efficient.

E-Style Solutions Portfolio

Through these computer-aided analyses – My Private Stylist or Men of Style – you will receive access to your personalized 24/7 online portfolio with hundreds of recommendations on collars, sleeves, pockets, pants, jackets, accessories, etc. and learn why one style is better than another for your physique.

Women Stylist
Men Stylist

Colour Assessment

Closet Audit

A visit to your closet will help you decide what garments to keep, alter or recycle, items needed to add a fresh look, and how to complete outfits with accessories.  Additionally, you will discover new outfits made from clothing already in your closet and how to create versatile wardrobe capsules.

Personal Shopping and Coordination

Take me with you shopping to choose the best styles and colours for your physique, personality and lifestyle.  Before shopping, it is advisable that you consider colour and style analyses and a closet audit to save you time and money. A post-shopping coordination appointment to integrate newly acquired pieces into your wardrobe will further expand your options.

Dress Down Without Bottoming Out

Business casual dressing will be demystified when you discover 5 factors that govern how far up or down your outfit is on “The Ladder of Formality.”  You will learn how to be powerful or approachable, which styles are most frowned upon in most workplaces, and how to achieve a look of quality when dressing down.

Executive Presence

Effective executives use every aspect of their image to create a presence.  Customized coaching on dressing for all situations, polishing details, behaving appropriately in multiple business and social settings, delivering professional presentations, networking, and communication strategies will ensure that you will always be the professional that you truly are.

Personal Branding

Empower your presence with personal branding through analyzing and articulating your personality, values, strengths and passions – who you really are on the inside – and then aligning the ABCs of your image – appearance, behaviour and communication – so that they always express your authentic self.

Assertiveness Coaching

Moving away from being aggressive, passive or passive-aggressive in your communication to being assertive will produce positive results, while still showing civility. Acquiring assertive techniques will ensure that when emotions are involved, stakes are high and opinions differ, you will always be able to confidently state your point of view and have win/win conversations.

Body Language Strategies

Your body language speaks louder than your words.  Sometimes when moving from one environment to another, you may need to adapt new body language patterns to ensure that the message you wish to convey to others is on point.  Discover whether you have any body language patterns that undermine and replace these with mannerisms that will increase your presence.

Interview Prep

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interview Coaching

Catherine has coached 1000s of job seekers.  With her guidance, you will personally work to develop a resume and cover letter that tie your relevant skills to the job posting at hand, emphasize the impacts you had in your previous employment, and indicate why you are the best candidate.  Mock interviews will teach you how to effectively highlight and articulate your qualifications when under pressure.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Your resume and cover letter have an incredible influence on whether you will obtain a job interview. With guidance, you will personally work to develop a resume and cover letter that immediately ties your relevant skills to the job posting at hand, emphasize the positive impacts that you had in your previous employment, and indicate why you are the best candidate.

Interview Coaching

People decide in the first few seconds whether you are a good fit for their organization.  Interview coaching with a Certified Image Professional who has conducted thousands of mock interviews will ensure that your appearance, behaviour and communication support you, and that your answers to questions, likely to be posed, effectively highlight your qualifications.


How to Build True Wealth with Your Personal Brand and Image

Author: Catherine Bell, AICI CIP

Summary: “Presence” holds a mystique that is empowering and attractive – it involves a certain personal ease that allows you to project to others who you really are and the benefits you offer to discriminating employers, investors or personal networks. Presence can transform situations and influence success. It involves establishing the right relationships, in the right way; yet the barriers are huge. Whether starting out in your career, asking for venture capital, meeting potential clients, or moving into new social environments – including retirement. EMPOWER YOUR PRESENCE is about developing that distinctive quality that can create opportunities and propel you to new heights with confidence and ease.

Empower Your Presence Book

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